Beaverton Blonde

2015 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!  Golden Valley’s session-able blonde ale; straw gold in color and lightly hopped for a crisp and smooth flavor.

O.G.: 1.044   I.B.U.: 10   A.B.V.: 4.2
Always Available

Third Street Wheat

Our very approachable American Style wheat beer, light in color with a crisp, clean, lightly citrus flavor.  A squeeze of lemon compliments this well.

O.G.: 1.050   I.B.U.: 18   A.B.V.: 4.9
Always Available

Red Thistle Ale

Our Flagship beer since 1993!!!  2016 OREGON BEER AWARDS BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! The heavy use of imported malts creates a complex flavor profile that is balanced and enhanced by the use of mild local hops.  

O.G.: 1.055   I.B.U.: 38   A.B.V.: 5.3
Always Available

Chehalem Mountain IPA

Our original IPA has a rich, balanced malt profile and features the floral aroma of Cascade hops.

O.G.: 1.062   I.B.U.: 58   A.B.V.: 6.2
Always Available

Bald Peak IPA

2016 OREGON BEER AWARDS BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! Our most aggressive IPA, brewed with a generous amount of locally grown Columbus hops that provide for a pungent hop finish.

O.G.: 1.065   I.B.U.: 80   A.B.V.: 7.2
Always Available

Dundee Porter

This award winning robust porter has a luscious roasted malt complex with hints of Chocolate malt and a slightly dry finish.

O.G.: 1.056   I.B.U.: 35   A.B.V.: 5.3
Always Available

Muddy Valley Oatmeal Stout

This stout is brewed using roasted barley, chocolate malt and whole oats.  A higher finishing gravity and pouring from our nitrogen faucet promote a full-bodied mouth feel.

O.G.: 1.060   I.B.U.: 40   A.B.V.: 5.7
Always Available

Carlton Kolsch

Kolsch is a beer style native to the area in and around Cologne, Germany.  An ale that is fermented at cooler temperatures, results in a clean and crisp taste.  Moderately hopped, but with virtually no hop aroma.  The mildly fruity nose is primarily derived from the special ale yeast used to ferment this style of beer.  An excellent beer for hot summer days, whether on the banks of the Rhine, your porch, or our patio.  Prost!

O.G.: 1.048   I.B.U.: 28   A.B.V.: 5.0

Black Panther Imperial Stout

This black behemoth of a brew is our strongest ale. Full-bodied and redolent of chocolate and roast malt. Black Panther should age well for several years.

O.G.: 1.085   I.B.U.: 55   A.B.V.: 8.5

Atlas Elevator Doppelbock

Atlas Elevator is our traditional German style Doppelbock brewed with Munich lager yeast.  Dark, malty, and strong, yet remarkably balanced, clean, and smooth on the palate.

O.G.: 1.078   I.B.U.: 26   A.B.V.: 7.7

Whiskey Barrel Aged Dundee Porter

A small portion of our beloved porter got to spend six weeks in Ransom Spirits Whippersnapper Whiskey barrels.

O.G.: 1.056   I.B.U.: 35   A.B.V.: 5.3