We proudly offer Angus Springs Ranch, all natural beef, grown locally and exclusively on our family ranch.
Free from the overcrowded conditions of conventional feedlots, Angus Springs Ranch cattle are tender raised on 76 acres of rolling, spring-fed pasture on a diet rich in spent grain from Golden Valley's Brewery. Golden Valley grain makes ideal feed for our select Black Angus herd because it contains twice the protein and fiber of regular feed.

Our angus are raised on an all-natural program of spring fed pastures and premium rations for up to 12 months and dry aged for 21 days insuring beef of exceptional quality and tenderness. This approach to raising cattle produces the finest natural beef available in the Northwest. As few as 12 independent restaurants throughout the country are currently supplying beef produced exclusively for their own restaurant and we are proud to join the list.

We operate a large Organic Practice garden on the ranch where we source the majority of produce for the restaurants during the growing season. Last year we harvested 2,865 pounds of vegetables to use at Golden Valley, this is not a small commitment but we feel that you can taste the difference in the food that we prepare.